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DEGAS networking group

What is DEGAS?

The DEGAS (pronounced duh-GAH) networking group is Distributed, EnerGy conscious, Ad hoc and Space networking group. We are part of the Computer and Information Sciences research facility at University of Delaware. We are located in Newark, Delaware.

What do we do?

Our current projects are funded by the ARL/CTA and NSF. In previous projects, we have worked on problems such as ad hoc space networks and routing issues in such systems. Currently, we are working on applying biological metaphors like Swarm Intelligence to problems in mobile, ad hoc networks. We are currently investigating an integrated solution space for the problems of ad hoc networking using Swarm Intelligence. We also work on the use of directional antenna in improving routing metrics in ad hoc networks.

About the name

Inspiration for the name comes from french impressionism — an art movement which started in the late 1800s and continued into early 1900s. Painters famous from this era are MANET (pronounced "Man eh"), Degas, Monet, Renoir, Pissaro, Camille, Turner, among others. We imply for theme the MANET-DEGAS connection, with MANET being the name of both a french impressionist painter and an acronym for Mobile, Ad Hoc NETworks.